Karim Benzema Is One Of The Key Players For Zidane’s Team

For the fans of Real Madrid there is much to cheer about. Karim Benzema along with Luka Modric and Lucas Vazquez were able to claim a victory over their opposing team Villarreal.

They clinched a victory of three goals to none which was a major point for celebration for the team’s fans. With a catch like the legendary ex football player Zinedine Zidane the team probably does not need much motivation.

For those who watch the match between the two teams, this match has helped Real Madrid gain crucial points that they need and to showcase their skills and competency to other leading teams of Barcelona. The game got off to a positive start as Karim gave the lead to the team and scored a goal in the first half of the game. Lucas Vazquez then came forward. As it is said that football is a game of a team, when all team players put in a concerted effort it is difficult for the opposing team to hold them off. This particular game stood to this point especially.

The third goal was made by Luca during the stretch part of the game. All in all, Real Madrid was able to bring down their opponent in the Europe League in Liverpool with a win of 3-0. With this win the game has become positive for the team. The points that they earned in this win has helped them move closer to the top teams of La Liga. They are now only behind Atletico Madrid and Barcelona who hold the top positions in La Liga.

Karim Benzema rejoiced after he headed the ball into the net and brought his team into the lead. His lead was crucial which was picked up by Lucas after which Luka made the third strike.