Each week, each day new rumors involving possible transfer of certain players to another clubs is created and developed with some of those seeming more believable or plausible than others, one that has been consistently on the mouth of everyone is Karin Benzema to Arsenal.

Arsenal has enjoyed one of their best starts of seasons ever in the Premier League with Olivier Giroud turning himself into an indispensable figure for the team of Arsene Wenger but  the question that emerges is, what happens if the Frenchman gets injured?

Arsene Wenger does not have someone at the same caliber as Giroud that can replace him if something was to go wrong with him at any point in the season. This is why Arsenal has been keeping close tabs on certain players that reinforce the team next year and Benzema is topping the list.

Karin Benzema is a regular starter for Real Madrid but that does not mean he is vital to the squad or to Carlo Ancelotti. The Spanish club are certainly able to cope against everything that is thrown at them even without Benzema in the team as the spotlight and the players that are becoming the heart and brain of the team are hands down C.Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

Luis Suarez is going through a burst of success with Liverpool that has attracted the attention of a number of European clubs, but most recently Real Madrid. It is believed that Benzema is a scapegoat for Real Madrid in order to lure in Luis Suarez.

Benzema being offered to Arsenal as the Premier League club wants to have a back-up for Giroud meanwhile Real Madrid is hoping to create enough funds to sign the Uruguayan forward from Liverpool. Only time will tell if this actually happens or is nothing more than another rumor floating around.