1. Benzema needs to leave Madrid and join a team that will give him first team football and win trophies.

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  3. Mourinho says that Benzema is sleeping every time since he came to Real Madrid. And he is completly right… xD
    Wake up please!! We want to watch u playing great football, not just sit in a banch and crashing ur cars…


  4. @P2P80 se si inserisce nel ns campionato sarebbe l’ unica ns speranza di un mercato schifoso

  5. Benzema sucks. the whole french league is a disgrace!!! go back to france Benzema!! what a worthless piece of shit!!. i wonder how man shots he had to take on goal before scoring?

  6. that fucking CR9 is the biggest prob in realmadrid…he never celebrates when other team members score……CR9 just is a show off with is ugly little tricks nd flicks….Hez the fucking reason Benzo is not playing well cauz no one passes the ball to him

  7. bigger names who made this song then all those crappy french rappers together 😉
    also really hate how french people think they are that great while they even suck at so many things, including soccer…

  8. fuck your mother ass hole, you past a fucking day and it’s not my fault. If you don’t like don’t watch

  9. this song is shit next time you make a video of Benzema first of all choose a french track like Justice, Kavinsky, Daft Punk not this shitty d12 rubbish

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