1. “form is temporary class is permanent ”
    he will show his caliber if “Real Madrid” allows him to play his way.
    He played awesome against Brazil in last friendly match,no doubt at all

  2. Benzema’s game does not suit the Spanish league.

    Benzema is about powerful runs and shots, he is better for the Premier League.

  3. I think that, being with all those good players at Real, he felt kind of intimidated. But yes they are wastring his talet, in any other club (like manchester united) he would play like he used to. Although he is coming back, he is starting to play like he used to.

  4. @HichemB1993 Il a grandit ou pourrit nationaliste? hein a tizi ouzou? nen bah ferme là sort moi un joueur né au maghreb qui a percer en europe? juste un seul vasy en kabylie il aurait manger des pierres alors shut!

  5. @ahmdodi Il va rejoindre la Juve en janvier. Un nouveau depart on espere.

  6. @villa1246 You have been in top flight football longer than us yet you have won less major honours than us. That pretty much speaks for itself. We fucked you up without Torres or Gerrard and exposed villa for what they are. They are shit and always will be shit. There is no need to state facts becuase you are making yourself look like a stupid cunt. Shut up and give up. Pussy.

  7. @villa1246 If you honestly dont know by now, you should get yourself checked for mental retardation. My point was that villa are shit and never will be a big club.

  8. @cinnamonbear890 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Birmingham get 20000 a week, Villa get 42500 a week! Birmingham have won 1 trophy in 125 years, Villa have won 21 major honours. Villa have been in the top flight 100 years, The only other club to reach this achievement is Everton. So if were that shit how comes we have been in the top flight longer than you! hmmm! And Everton are a much bigger club than you!

  9. @cinnamonbear890 lol, so what you saying you scouse twat? because none of that makes sense. Up the Villa!

  10. @villa1246 3-0, that proves my point that villa are shit and always will be shit.

  11. @villa1246 Coming from somone who supports a team that had to sell their best player for funds. 30 million, hes not even worth half that. Your just as lost as Gerard Houllier.

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