Real Madrid has temporarily moved to the top of the La Liga and it is all thanks to goals the French duo, Varane and Karim Benzema.

Espanyol couldn’t help keep their local rivals, Barcelona as they fell apart after Benzema added to Varane’s first half strike.

Diego Lopez, Espanyol’s goal keeper was busy all day keeping Los Blancos out of his net. The first chance fell to Vincius Junior but just as the Brazilian has failed to convince everyone of his weekly paycheck, he missed partly because he didn’t strike well and partly because Lopez was in the mood of shutting Madrid out.

With 34 points from 15 matches Madrid is able to climb into the number one position while Barca’s match with Mallorca – ironically Madrid’s local rival – will determine whether they will remain at their current 31 points, climb to 32 should it be a draw or overtake Madrid with the same 34 points but more goal difference.

This kind of comparison is however pointless and remains to be seen why exactly pundits report them or why football fans even care. Not in a million years will Barcelona not beat Mallorca at Camp Nou but somehow, Madrid’s ego must be stroke while false hope must be sold to the fans.

After spending years bullying teams in Brazil which led to a compilation of Youtube clips, Vinicius Junior has now realized that life at a professional club that needs you to produce results more than anything else is harder than he might have thought.

Karim Benzema on the other hand remains the one constant survivor of the comings and goings of Madrid galaticos over the years. The former Lyon forward has virtually witnessed every highborn striker but somehow remains indispensable to Los Blancos because more than anything else, he produces results.