There are rumours that if the Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane affair does not yield as much fruits at the end of the season, Florentino Perez would be forced to bring on another coach. A name common to most lips is that of former coach Jose Mourinho.

Since the exit of the Portuguese from Manchester United, he has been doing more of punditry and adverts – one of which is the famous Paddy Power Games flick. Zidane’s second coming has been filled with bumps but then it was a rebuilding effort and sacrifices had to be made. Eden Hazard has been slow to pick up, the midfield has not been as potent and then the Thibaut Courtois issues.

Whilst the team has kept things moving, it is becoming unlikely that much would be achieved this season in terms of silverware. There are speculations that if Zidane loses the gig, KarimBenzema, who has been a shining light since Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit, would be collateral damage.

When Mourinho used to be in charge at the Bernabeu, Gonzalo Higuain was the preferred option over the Frenchman. With the disillusionment at the new White Hart Lane, Harry Kane would likely take up the challenge of moving to Madrid. Kane has been consistent over the years for club and country, and Madrid would give him that platform to achieve a whole lot more.

Daniel Levy, who is revered as a strong negotiator, will try and get the most from the deal. A player plus cash deal involving Gareth Bale would not be totally out of place. Madrid might not want to let go of Benzema, but Kane would get the nod to be lead. There is also Luka Jovic in the equation to ensure a side with enough fire power on the sidelines.