Karim Benzema

The new Zidane has standup to lead France to the EURO 2012 this player is gonna be a wonderful one believe me
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  1. @15SNooKer elementos e Tão ruim estabele de bola, Que nenhum real madrid e nd Jogando Seleção francesa, e tú? Jogando sem Críticos tempo dos piores do Mundo!

  2. “The new Zidane”??? jajaja ohhh my god Benzema es un paquete por el que el Real Madrid pago un precio exageradisimo.

  3. Unfortunately, if he were not a “star”, he wouldn’t be considered French! French of Algerian origin like him are not accepted as French, they refer to them as Maghrebins, Algerians, Arabs, North Africans but never French! I wish he picked Algeria because for us he is one of ours; he would have played with his heart and soul not just with his brain! Good luck to him anyway!

  4. i say france is nothing without the algerian players i mean there is zinedine zidane he’s algerian & benzema he’s too

  5. he’s is much more like Eric Cantona that Dimitar Berbatov is. people compare Berba to Eric but Eric wasn’t as lazy as berbatov, cantona worked hard on the pitch and i see Karim Benzema becoming a player moulded in Cantona’s image

  6. @spinxmate18 I wish I could mute ppl in real life like you who just are there to give negativity in life.
    The guy who made this music actually does something for the world your probably just a pathetic living being who’s is just negative about everything he see’s hears or feels, is’t a pity ppl like you live.

    P.S : If it was shitty like that make your version and see if it is better

  7. @youeatthetube

    Wtf do u mean..? I feel sorry for that guy, Benzema is so good at football but those fuckers Ronaldo and other’s in real madrid decided to not pass him the ball and that fucking pellegrini doesnt let him play!
    So he isn’t in the french squad cuz he had too little playtime, and thats a rule, so you can go rofl u pile of shit..

  8. gay music, made me want to mute my computer so no one thought my taste in music was as shit as the guy who posted this.

  9. @youeatthetube

    without benzema they cant score they havented scored in past 2 games lol.. they even got beat by china rofl

  10. @youeatthetube When I saw that I seriously think to reconsider Domenech as the french coach Benzema has the greatest potential of all french player atm .
    so domenech is a moron not taking Nasri & Benzema with him

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