Karim Benzema 2007-08 Goals Compilation

Majestic7D presents Karim Benzema Ambitions Compilation in Year 2007/2008. His goals in French League 1 Orange and the Uefa Champions League. PS : I didn’t set considerably Effects in this Video, trigger it’s a Target Compilation. Enjoy D


  1. From the land of hip-hop/rap. Why do you all love it so much? It really sucks!!!! All of these videos seem to have this ghetto, gangsta bullshit.

  2. manunited should of bought him god dammit…….
    although i like REAL MADRID now that ronnie is gone

  3. Benzema remind me of Zidane when he takes that free-kick, the look on his face, very similar like great Zidanes!

  4. guess what!! your mother sucks so much, she couldn’t handle but to suck Alex Ferguson’s Dick in the CL Final! mate! One of may reasons they lost it was because he had such a great experience, he couldn’t possible care anymore if they lose or not, Your mothers a legend! Before you start spitting shit out about Man U, I no Man U fan! Bitch!

  5. hahahahahahaha United suck so much he could not bare to go to that shite of a club

  6. He Turnd Down A Deal To Got 2 The Theater Of Dreams.. Instead He’s Going 2 The Theater Of Dreamers…
    United Forever…
    Madrid Can Suck On It!

  7. Casillas, Ramos, Albiol, Pepe, Marcelo, Lass, Robben, Kaka’, Sneijder, Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema… BARCA TAKE THAT !

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