1. putaiiin trooo belle vidéo je suis fan loool
    il degage un charme phénoménale
    c un truc de malade
    jen pui plus lool
    karim c un bg tah les bg
    inchallah sa sra sabrina benzema lool
    a plush mercii pour cte belle video

  2. I know where hes actually going guys and it aint Madrid or Man U. It’ll surprise you.

  3. karimmm….u are such a hottie!!
    u must go and play wif the RED DEVILS…
    and BE ONE OF THEM ;_)

  4. I fell in love with this guy..he’s a good player and very good looking!! 😉

  5. benzema> c ronaldo
    benzema is the best (remember the name guys)
    benzema= new zidane …….euro2008?
    i hope he plays in real madrid next year

  6. benzema is a great player …………some say he’s the new zidane…………I’ll tell you that he’s better than c.ranaldo

  7. stupid mush head song…c’mon fuck this commercial rapper…you looser who put this song is a homo..pictures of this faggot..I thought I’d see some cool goals. not loose brain cells fuck this…You semen eating looser!!!!

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