Karim Benzema In Demand For New Season

Among the players in demand is Karim Benzema. Arsenal wanted Karim and they are making their demands more pronounced this year.

If Real Madrid would be looking at signing up Lewandowski then Arsenal would respond by seeking out Karim Benzema. This striker of fame comes from Bayern Munich and is being linked through rumors that he will be taken up by Real Madrid. Last summer Arsenal was linked to Benzema and the fact that the team wanted the striker. However, a deal failed to materialize last year.

however, the This summer Arsenal will probably be going all out for the striker of world fame. There are several reports being circulated about Arsene Wenger wanting to secure this forward player of world class and make him part of his team. They have already promised to pay big money for the transfer of Alvaro Morata. Many media sources claimed that big money is being offered in Madrid if they wish to buy back his services from Juventus.

The Madrid team seems to want a new forward. They are looking at Lewandowski and the rumors have been going around for many months now. The stars from different teams like Bournemouth, Southampton, United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and others are looking to make the cut. If Karim comes to Bernabeu he would be taken up by Arsenal. Benzema might switch to the Emirates. However, that will not stop a deal coming through for Morata. Arsenal might be looking to partner up Morata and Benzema in the upcoming season. Karim on the other hand, is looking to come back after getting back in shape. He had suffered a hamstring injury, but he is now backing in action. Having scored in the win that Real Madrid had over Valencia, Zidane is looking to chase the title for the La-Liga tournament with Karim, on the team.