1. he should’ve stayed with ol fuck madrid he is a good player but not at his full potential yet

  2. @pwner331 they’re great players and score loads but we really need someone like Van Nistelrooy who will just be there to bang in the goals.

  3. players this expensive should be bought on form and all these clips are from 2 years ago dzeko would be a better option

  4. where are all these nemanja vidic rumours coming from?? …… he said he is not leaving before the season ended and that is the last quote we have from him, everything else is all generated by newspapers. I know some people will believe that stuff but i dont understand why EVERYONE believes it???

  5. @westwade utd are goin for simon kjaer.so it seems utd are going to let vidic go and madrid have not come out and said benzema is staying yet so hopefully it happens

  6. his dream was to play for real madrid scince he was a kid so i understand why he turned down man at the first place, but what i dont understand is why is he still there he saw for himself how much they dont appreciat him go and play for a team that would actually make you play……no brainer

  7. @RedvsBlueshow WTF are you talking about? He was starting to find his feet very well until he got a sports hernia which kept him out for 2 months…..His 21 years old…

  8. its sad how real might affect his future, Real Madrid only thnks about money at the end they do what they want with the player, look what happened with robben and snider, great players just not apprecisated by the club. Their even saying they are not happy with kakas performance. It will be no surprise if they decide to sell benzema kaka or even higuain, which their has been gossip of this players leaving the club already. Hope he comes to machester if not all the best luck for next season

  9. seriously i don’t want this guy at man utd. he has turned us down before. he can enjoy sitting on the bench for real. damn the seat must be warm for him i mean he is getting used to it.

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