1. @LM10ProductionsHe is french, claiming him is scraping the bottom of the barrel, I am spanish but you don’t see me claiming alexis sanchez or sergio aguero.

  2. @LM10Productions Yes, you didn’t miss many things 🙂 But France is getting stronger now, with young talent, maybe for euro you should make a try =p, have a nice day.

  3. @vince91820 He is both.All i am saying is that he came out of an Algerian vagina……He is a french international if that makes you happy.I don’t care anyways because i am a Barca fan and a spain fan.I stopped watching France when Zidane retired.

  4. @LM10Productions I don’t want to make that debate again, but he raised up in Lyon, on a french culture, as if his parents are algerian. I don’t say he has denied his culture, but we can’t only say “algerian berber”. If he didn’t loved France, maybe on a different way as he love Algeria, he wouldn’t play for his national team. He would not scream “Allez la France” after his goal against Brazil. He’s French with algerian origins, and a part of the culture, but french as well. 🙂

  5. @vince91820 Thank you.He is french born but his blood is Algerian and his culture is Berber and his parents are Berber and full blood and born Algerians.Just like Zidane.He may be french born but he is proud to be a Berber and he also speaks Arabic.

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