1. @1389nafets so what? benzema is very big physically and is 84kg. and aguero is 72kg..

  2. @1389nafets are u kidding? benzema is stronger. but aguero is better at dribbles

  3. Aguero is stronger
    More skillfull

    Benzema is only better at finishes but overall Aguero

  4. The two hottest young world-class strikers in Football Manager. I can buy Aguero for £55 million, but Real Madrid won’t sell Benzema to me (the bastards)! My Juve team will be ‘complete’ when they are my strike-force.

  5. Aguero’s future is so much better. I predict hes in the top 3 strikers within 3 years or less. I dont know if any of you have watched him play but he is sensational. Strong, Quick, Tricky, and a fantastic finisher…. Watch out for Aguero!!!!

  6. Aguero sin duda Benzema es mas de estar en el area e le centran la pelota e ya está Aguero corre de acá para alla dribla hace goles e Benzema onde está coriendo de acá para allá? Dejate de joder Aguero para Siempre!!!

  7. jajajajajaj higuain? jajaja ya vi yo ayer al higualin lo bueno que es, ya quisiera tener el madrid a un jugador como el kun

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