1. muy bueno BENZEMÁ !!!! Very more better that CR !!!QUE CLASE Y ELEGANCIA !!!! HALA MADRID !!!!

  2. buen video amigo, buena compilacion de jugadas, gracias, HALA MADRID, HALA BENZEMA jejejej

  3. The shirt, the two-footed skills, the balance and height. This all reminds me of another brilliant French-born Algerian, can’t seem to remember his name 😉

  4. A very good player. The only reason he has struggled at Real Madrid is cuz he has to compete with Ronaldo–one of the most prolific goal scorers in the game today–and Higuain, who has some of the best positioning you could ask for in a striker. But Benzema has a roal to play at Real Madrid and I am glad that he is still with them.

  5. @JUNAID187 Anyone smell this? It’s a stinky hater. Regardless man, how about you shut up and just let the season unfold. I know what I see, and Benzema is one of the best strikers in the world. Just watch him this coming season and see for yourself. I don’t think you gave the guy a good enough look, hence your mailbox being spammed with YouTube reply of people telling you you’re wrong.

  6. For all the people who say that BENZEMA is zero, go to this site .

    Full Castrol Rankings.

    Thanks and Viva Benzema !!!!

  7. hes fantastic . castrol ranking found that during the second half of the season he was the second best player trailing only messi on points.

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