1. @yoouuking
    yeah bro thats actually what i meant.
    Gourcuff was the biggest hope for being the new zidane.
    And now look where he is and how he plays .
    That makes me sick
    And with arguments like these will increase the preasure for the players

  2. @realmadridstar9 im agree with you , zidane is the one , all the poeple say that: Nasri the new zidane , benzema , gorcuff all this crap , zidane is the one

  3. @m2rtin123
    are you nuts??
    Got ballZ?????
    Please stop these comparing with Zidane that just shows how pathetic someone can be.
    Zidane is an individual and NO ONE really NO ONE can and will be better than him o.k.????

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