Karim Benzema – ” You’re Perfect ” 2011/2011 by HM07

A compilation of Karim Benzema’s second year in True Madrid. Soon after a very inconsistent very first period and start off to 2010/2011, Benz has been on actually outstanding sort recently in the absence of Higuain who is rehabbing from injuries. Ultimately he is displaying the expertise that brought on the 30 million transfer Madrid compensated for his solutions. Let us hope he continues this torrid scoring streak through the relaxation of the season. Hala Madrid!


  1. Higuain or Benzema?? I want Benzema to stay along side Özil! Higuain has been @Real Nadrid long enough so, I think it’s beneficial for him to explore and get some experience somewhere else preferably the BPL! 🙂

  2. @daniel130493 I hope Perez don’t sign a new striker. Higuain and Benzema are amazing and Morata is a promising player. Madrid needs to utilize their youth system more, it is better than Barca.

  3. Real Madrid have Benzema, Higuain and Morata (23 years, 23 years and 18 years). Why get a new striker? I dont get it.

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