Karim Benzema – The Phenomenon – HD

The Comeback of the wonderful striker of Lyon. One Worldclass. Karim Benzema. Enjoy, Thumbs up and Subscribe.


  1. If Benzema play 90 minutes every match .. next season ,, then he will scores 44 goals in 1 season

  2. Pep Mourinho didnt help em at all fucker bought adebayor now why did he need to buy adebayor hes wack!! he didnt do shyt!! Karim is a beast and left him on da bench mourinho is stupid!!

  3. Omg This Video is Freaking Awesome !!
    Puff No Words Serosly Dude !!
    The Benzi Video I Ever Saw !
    Thanks For Enjoying <3

  4. Amazing video, one of the best football videos i´ve ever seen. Congratulations!

  5. There’s a guy stealing this exact video and putting his name on it claiming it as his own.


  6. He scored 20+ goals while hardly playing for REAL, Imagine him and RVP next season at Arsenal…. With him and RVP the skys the limit, as long as we get some good CB’s and GK too.

  7. awesome video but short 🙁

    benzema is one of the best striker in the world but like what you said ( he forgot who is he )

    thankx & i’ll sub

  8. Good video! I would appreciate a Gonzalo Higuain video. Thanks in advance.

  9. SUPER ! Where did you find all this videos for making your compilation ?

  10. Brilliant vid, and one of the best stickers!! félicitation dude… continue!
    can u tell us please wat’s the title of the first vid music if u know?thnx

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