Karim Benzema – Real Madrid – All Goals, Skills, Emotions – 2011 || HD

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  1. If he joins Arsenal he could turn in to the next Henry but i doubt he will join.

  2. @rockydasha strange i heard him say he WANTS to stay in madrid and by the way it’s florentino perez who brought him by him self so it’s unlikely for him to sell him. any way we hear a lot in the news so afterall you may be true or you may not let’s wait and see, and if by any chance he comes to arsenal you will like him a lot.

  3. @PurpleMoonYef he’s comming dude , he mentioned he wants to play with nasri

  4. @GenCollado Indeed..technically superior to a lot of the strikers out there including rooney.I think he has a greater potential too.hope he stays at Madrid.He’s too good for any other club anyway (except barca of course..)

  5. I hope benzema never leaves Madrid he got way better he should get more playing time 🙂

  6. @RonaldoTheSuperDiver Dude you are a Ronaldo fan you are not Real Madrid fan shut the fuck up then!

  7. @xRafa7Ronaldo

    Benzema is actually way better and more skilled than rooney, Benzema just doesnt try as hard as rooney, cos benzema is in a way better club than man united..but i think benzema plays like zidane sometimes with his touch. Great player.

  8. I honestly like this guy but, don’t understand why bench Benzema and let Adebayor play? Adebayor is so bad and not so confident when it cones to score a proper goal! Now it’s between Benzema & Higuain! I like both but, I reckon Benzema should stay and Higuain can explore and prove himself somewhere else preferably the BPL! Go Benzema & Mesut! 😀

  9. My absolute favourite football Player in this world.
    The latest point where he will definitely proof his extremely world class is 2012 Europe Cup .
    Great Compilation 🙂

  10. this man is a great footballer. we real madrid are fortunate to have such great striker in higuain and benzema. but the truth of it all is that they are both of equal talent, and we cant have one in bench and one in field.

    one of them will have to go eventually maybe after end of next season, and that someone may be karim.

    doesnt take anything away from the fact that hes one of the best out there.

  11. benzema has scored so many important goals for real madrid this season and he is the most in form striker at madrid and some how he cant even get a start in the champions league vs barcelona when no one else can score for madrid unbelievable

  12. De Benzemalo a Benzemago.
    From Benzema-bad to Benzemagician
    sounds better in spanish

  13. @RonaldoTheSuperDiver Messi is WAYYYYYYY better than CR !! We see it in the semi-final between barcelona and real ! Ronaldo is nothing !

  14. @RonaldoTheSuperDiver even if ronaldo trains for ten more years he will never achieve the level of Messi
    so shut up

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