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Although Atletico Madrid’s three-1 obtained victory, but victory at True Madrid with the Least expensive Soccer Jerseys has small to do with Benzema. The state of the French striker genuinely worrying is when the opening in the 2nd half was replaced Kaka. Mourinho continues to use the “action forward” tactics to fight the Jedi, the team can not striker Karim Benzema leave previously. Soon after the sport “Crazy” for the protection of gamers to consider explains, “True Madrid can not wait, but Karim Benzema and are not relevant to the state.” Couple of men and women believe that True Madrid before heading to drop, but can not feel of yet another first blank page. Benzema to depart, but the French are even now missing in self confidence. Injuries Higuain, Real Madrid striker with the Spanish Primera Liga only for the other coaches did not Benzema with whom? Mourinho will not be a complete Kaka he believed that several consecutive replaced by Brazilian Benzema are standard. C Lo does not want to make a single arrow, but he can nevertheless score goals. Benzema can play a position of containment, replaced its tactical specifications. “To see the bench at Genuine Madrid, not a striker, Kaka replaced the only way to strengthen the attack. Valdano acknowledged following the game, basic manager of True Madrid, the club is indeed looking forward. Maca, Aspen and other reviews have established a checklist of candidates at this time is like a regular Bayern striker Klose. Valdano said Higuain harm, we genuinely want a correct sense of the 9th, but the striker has played for us for six months on this, because Higuain was the primary force again injury. “Transfer of winter would have opened the window for two weeks, Genuine Madrid has not yet been determined, the executive director this time out that this truly can not count on Karim Benzema. Mourinho is identified to shield players, he said: “. We bought the striker Karim Benzema and is in the state has little, get a seem at the team bench, not even a striker ought to have a backup” If this understanding True Madrid now want a striker, but is originally not always to buy, lease, and could not be the major force at Real Madrid.After the issue of signing, Mourinho started out evaluations of this victory, he was pleased with the consequence. “In addition to some of the opening 5 minutes, you can not focus, other instances we played quite nicely. In my viewpoint, in reality, 40 minutes after the first 50 percent for great conduct through the 2nd 50 percent. I told the players do not care about profitable opponents 4 or 5 shots, as long as we management the predicament, produce an possibility to win is logical. “Current True Madrid is extremely dense agenda, league, Cup second interspersed as active, but no genuine rotation. This is not so, that in La Liga behind True Madrid, Barcelona, face, or a King’s Cup Derby. Portuguese with the Real Madrid Soccer Jerseys said: “For example, C and Luo Dimaliya, I joined you can not sit on the bench, due to the fact it is a pair of children” Gemini “, interspersed, transposition, have concluded an agreement Tacit to pass.”I also consider the concern of rotation,” Mourinho extra: “But I assume it was in La Liga, Champions League and the Copa Del Rey at the very same time arrives, Gamers are human beings, the power is restricted to three events. difficult to concentrate, I know coaching is not only bad sport simply because it was consolidated Though bodily, psychological currently excuses, this time, there will be a sensible offer. “Last but not least, the question is about the referee, the progress of Frank Sergio Aguero reading to see the ball until finally there is suspicion of offside, but the Referee Jose Mourinho with the Madrid Jersey not thinks it is wrong.”I’m from the Valencia region of the arbitrator (Mate Wu) no opinion, is the assistant referees to observe regardless of whether responsibility for offside, but the second half, Sergio Aguero scored a goal in nearly a handball prior to action need to be the other side of the assistant referee to make. Like the referee, he did not become a protagonist of the sport, we have seen, this derby is fierce, but the break is not a lot, very easy. If you can not by him every Saturday efficiency of Actual Madrid play the law, I’ll be really satisfied. “

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