1. hahahaahahahahhaha 4:18-4:32 hahahahahhahahahahahhaha it sounds like a goat hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  2. @3LiTeMoNk3Y
    Barca players laugh alaways when they see each other because the look like retards

  3. @hellomotobleh
    Yeah, I think so as well. In his interviews, he seems to be a very nice person.
    I guess, the one who actually know something about football, and do not support the team he plays for, complains about how much he dives, but most of them just fall into that old thing: whenever someone is very sucessfull, very famous and stuff like that people just sort of bitter and try to find anything to talk badly about.

  4. @xxxluarosaxxx it’s a shame too. i think the image of football (soccer) in the US combined with Ronaldo’s pretty excessive diving gives him this sort of bad guy name. sort of like a public enemy number 1. he’s a great player, and probably a better person too

  5. @hellomotobleh
    Ah, one the things that people(and by that I mean haters, who dont really know him) say is that he is arrogant and self centered…and all that BS.
    But when u hear footballers, who have played with him, they say the total oppositte.

  6. it would be incredible stupid if real madrid sign valnisteroy again, we should give benzema another shot, he was an awesome player when he was starting in real madrid and then pellegrini send him to the bench, go benzema!

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo Best Player 🙂
    Everybody in the Team is very funny..
    Thumbs up if you’ve never seen a player who has laughed in Barca.

  8. doesnt matter how much barcelona is better than real madrid, barca will never have as much sense of humor, or fun as real madrid does.

  9. that was funny of u Marcelo. . .good sense of humor though! lolz
    4:59 wtf Benzema. . .that was generous of u CR!
    6:46 i like u Xabi. He seems like a daddy comforting his kid,lolz
    but honestly BENZEMA looks cute. . .his a kid! <3

  10. @vanillashake915 people are much different on the pitch then they are in a less competitive environment. i don’t think people consider him arrogant. who do u think considers him arrogant?

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