1. perfect ball, defender and goalkeeper cant reach it, just in front benzema to put in the net with one touch, PERFECT

  2. @zafersukyen But that was outside of his (Right) foot but this is Cristiano’s (Left) foot and Cristiano barely assists in games see the difference but I have respect for Quaresma for doing that sick outside foot pass.

  3. messi is good but not better than ronaldo, ronaldo has power, he can jump high. ronaldo scored the most goals in la liga in only 2 seasons, messi has been in la liga his whole career. This year ronaldo, in 2 games scored 4 goals with 25 shots messi, 2 goals, 9 shots. barcelona has better players than real. messi is good but ronalod is WAY better

  4. quaresmayla ne ilgisi var beynini siktiklerim ronaldo ayak içi pas veriyo q7 nin attıgı pasın yanına yaklaşamaz alakasıda yok bence harbi sığırsınız

  5. @JigglyPuffHAHA

    OMG messi is getting always the boll right on his feet from iniesta oder xavi

    Cristiano is the person, who makes goals by himself, without help

    Omg stupid kid

  6. look at messi goals and look at ronaldo goals and than talk.

    messi create lot of goals by himself and cristiano, his friends create for him lot of goals.
    in adition crisitano ronaldo get more chances than messi and still both of them with 53

  7. @saatchi93 you gotta learn to read, he is great when hes on barca and their style of play take him out of barca and that formation and the la liga and he wont look nearly as good. if you hate on ronaldo so much, why bother watching a vid of him? gtfo of here kid

  8. @ShinTec9 like when he score with his right foot against madrid and cristiano falling down behind him? lol

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