1. hahaha can’t stop laughing on madrid they just keep trying to be the best but they cant … oo ya and at el clasico cr7 keep saying that he will win but in the game he fall on the ground crying … then after the game … he sad that there were some problems and we will win next time… so y dont u just shut up and dont try to beat us -barcelona- cuz we are THE BEST

  2. @lizzardo84 bitch slap us?? oo man were going to fuck the living shit out u barca fans both in the final and at the Bernabue!

  3. @greatfighter100 man!! i dont know where you read or who told you that rule but the source is waaayyy wrong theres no such thing as if the ball made it 95 % or 99.9% it is a goal the whole entire ball has to go through so it can be called a goal.. educate yourself and be sure you know what your going to say so you dont look dumb

  4. @laligagoals2010 Sadly, he won’t. But, he does have a lot of potential. He might take over Di maria and i tottally approve that :D. i think Benzema is a fantastic striker and a rising player.

  5. @greatfighter100 read the rules next time. It’s not the MAJORITY of the ball that has to cross the line for it to count, it’s the ENTIRE ball. Plus, you’re contradicting your claim, firstly by saying “the ball completely crossed the line”, which it didn’t, and by saying “the ball was 95% through”, which it was, but that doesn’t make it a goal.

  6. Why can’t Benzema play like this all the time? If he did, he would be considered the best striker in the world… and Fabiano’s goal was probably in but as long as Platini and Blatter don’t buy goal line technology, this will happen

  7. Dont you have to be on the line to know if it crossed the iine? All those shots were at an angle… was the lineman?

  8. @lizzardo84 man support your english teams like liverpool, not that bollock team called barça 🙂

  9. The ball was about 90% passed the line. Probably has to be 100% behind in order to count, but was still pretty close

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